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Don't you just hate that sound bells make when they are struck badly? We always knew that our bells were odd struck but lately it had been getting ridiculous. Mr Purday was charged with leading the project to investigate what we could do to improve the sound and ring ability of our bells.

Up in the tower our suspicions that the clapper bushes had gone.


Roger Palmer inspected the Bells for us to confirm our suspicions that the clapper bushes were worn and required replacing



This view show the clapper from underneath the bell. Note how the gudgeon pin has started to come out. This is because the split pin holding it in place has sheared off. Any longer and the clapper may have fallen off completely.


This view shows that our tenor also suffered from the gudgeon pin sliding out.

So on 12th February Mike, Michael, Jonathan and Des removed the clappers (using a big spanner and lots of elbow grease) in preparation for their journey to Whitechapel for their re bushing.


A few weeks later the clappers return with their new coat of paint, bushes and washers to adjust some of the old odd struckness.



The supporters are here to lend a hand.
  After each clapper is replaced the position of the clapper is adjusted to be central before securing the nut.
  As Neil checks the position of the clapper underneath the retaining nut is tightened.
To check the bells they were swung by hand from the bell chamber. This meant that the rope has to be removed beforehand and retied after.

As a result of all this work the bells now sound excellent. The odd struckness is nearly all but gone and the bells are now set slightly slow at hand stroke which we hope will improve our ringing across the board. Please do come along on Tuesday nights to test them for yourselves.

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