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Histon and Friends Quarter Peal Weekend
11-13 April 2008

This year the Quarter Peal Weekend returned to its usual length and started on Friday with a quarter of Plain Bob Doubles conducted by Janet at Histon, and rung as a 68th birthday compliment to Tim English. Regrettably, health problems prevented Tim from ringing with us this year.

Saturday was the main day. First, at Oakington, Cambridge Surprise Minor was conducted by Phil Bailey. This was followed by a coffee break at the Orchard Tea Gardens, Grantchester, after which we went down the road to Trumpington for Yorkshire Surprise Major, conducted by Mike Purday.

After lunch there were simultaneous quarter peals. At Histon Plain Bob Doubles was conducted by Evelyn Kirby, down from Yorkshire for the day. This quarter peal was for a wedding, and we received a very nice thank you letter afterwards for the ringing. Meanwhile at Cherry Hinton, Carlisle Surprise Minor was rung, conducted by Mike Purday.

Finally, after tea Grandsire Triples, conducted by Mike Purday, was rung at St Andrew the Great in Cambridge. This was rung to wish Hannah Scheilling a speedy recovery after her skiing accident. It was Geoff's first of Grandsire Triples inside.

Back to Histon for a drink in the Red Lion and a curry in the Indian Ocean.

On Sunday a band went to St Edward, King and Martyr in Cambridge to ring after the morning service, Grandsire Doubles, conducted by Chris Northeast. This was rung for the Patronal Festival, and while we were ringing, the congregation went off for a special Parish Lunch. Unfortunately we were locked in the church and the Churchwarden had to be summoned back from lunch to release us! Mobile 'phones sometimes have their uses

After lunch there was a quarter of Plain Bob Minor at St Bene't's, conducted by Phil.

The last quarter peal of the weekend was at Histon, where Paul Seaman conducted Spliced Cambridge and Yorkshire Surprise Major, rung to celebrate the birth (that day) of a new nephew for Helen.

Another extremely successful weekend, with one hundred per cent success rate. Well done, everybody!

Chris Northeast, Peal/Quarter Peal Secretary.


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