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Histon and Friends Quarter Peal Weekend
26-30 April 2007

This year the Quarter Peal Weekend was rather longer than usual because Tim and Geoff were taking part in the church's Away Weekend from Friday to Sunday. So instead of starting on the Friday, the first quarter peal of the Weekend was on Thursday so that Tim and Geoff could ring: Grandsire Doubles conducted by Janet at Histon, and rung in loving memory of Nancy Newcombe, Mike Davies's mother-in-law, the day after the funeral.

On Friday evening a band went to Fordham to ring Rutland Surprise Major, conducted by Mike Purday, and it was first in method for Helen.

Saturday was the busiest day. First, at Meldreth, Yorkshire Surprise Major was conducted by Mike Purday. This was followed by a coffee break at the Royston Garden Centre, confusingly located near Shepreth at a place not marked on the map.

Next came simultaneous quarter peals. At Thriplow Mixed Doubles was conducted by Phil. Chris Clare scored her first quarter peal ringing the tenor behind! Meanwhile at Litlington, Beverley Surprise Minor was rung, conducted by Paul. The church's dedication was St Catherine, so it was appropriate that the quarter peal should be dedicated to Dee's daughter Catt and to Dee herself, both of whom would shortly be celebrating their birthdays.

Lunch was next, but Richard Smith, who had cycled to Litlington from Cambridge, spent the allotted time cycling to the next quarter, which was at Pampisford: Plain Bob Minor, conducted by Janet, and rung as a birthday compliment to Jonathan's brother Jem. At the same time, a quarter of Cambridge Surprise Minor, conducted by Phil, was rung at Barrington.

Next on the plan was tea at the Orchard, Grantchester, but because of the wonderful weather there was a very long queue, and it was quickly decided to go to Waitrose instead. Finally, the last quarter of the day was Pudsey Surprise Major, conducted by Paul; this was Will's first in method.

Back to Histon for a drink in the Red Lion and a curry in the Indian Ocean.

On Sunday a band went to St Edward, King and Martyr in Cambridge to ring after the morning service, Plain Bob Minor, conducted by Helen.

After lunch a band met at Burwell. As Dee pointed out that we all looked extremely tired, it was decided to ring a nice quarter of Plain Bob Triples, conducted by Mike Purday, as a birthday compliment to Will and Hannah Scheilling.

The last quarter peal of the day was at Histon, where Chris Northeast called a quarter of Grandsire Triples.

On Monday evening, the last quarter peal of the weekend was rung at Histon, Plain Bob Doubles, conducted by Mike Purday.

Another extremely successful weekend, with one hundred per cent success rate. Well done, everybody!

Thanks are due to all the towers for the use of the bells, and to everyone who gave up time on Saturday to let us in. Special thanks to Mike Purday and Paul for keeping the ringers in order.

Chris Northeast, June 2007


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