QP Weekend 7th-9th May 2004

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  Histon, Cambs. 7th May, 1260 Plain Bob Doubles.  

Helen Marsh 1, Jonathan Western 2, Janet Garnett 3, Hannah Reeve 4, Mike Davies (C) 5, Tim English 6.

Birthday compliment to Jeremy Clare (60 today) and compliment to Chris Clare on completing 20 years as a ringer in this tower. We were all sorry that Chris was not able to join in the ringing this weekend.


  Pampisford, Cambs. 8th May, 1320 Cambridge Supprise Minor.  

Will Scheilling (1st treble bob) 1, Helen Marsh (1st Surprise) 2, Dee Smith 3, Chris Northeast 4, Mike Davies 5, Mike Purday (C) 6.

To welcome Harry Francis Williams, born on 30 March 2004, a nephew for Helen (2).


  Duxford, Cambs. 8th May, 1260 Plain Bob Minor.  

Dee Smith 1, Mike Davies 2, Chris Northeast 3, Janet Garnett 4, Mike Purday 5, Evelyn Kirby (1st Minor as C) 6.

80th birthday compliment to Betty Garnett, mother-in-law of Janet.



Great Shelford, Cambs. 8th May, 1260 Plain Bob Triples. (anti-clockwise)


Janet Garnett 1, Evelyn Kirby 2, Hannah Reeve 3, Mike Davies 4, Chris Northeast 5, Will Scheilling 6, Mike Purday (C) 7, Jonathan Western 8.

Birthday compliment to Hannah (3).


  Harston, Cambs. 8th May, 1259 Grandsire Doubles.  

Penny English 1, Evelyn Kirby 2, Janet Garnett 3, Will Scheilling 4, Mike Purday (C) 5, Chris Northeast 6.


  Cambridge, Cambs. (S Edward King and Martyr) 9th May 1260 Plain Bob Minor.  

Penny English 1, Hannah Reeve 2, Mike Davies 3, Chris Northeast 4, Will Scheilling 5, Mike Purday (C) 6.

For Meditative Eucharist.

With thanks to all concerned who made it possible for us to ring over the weekend.

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